I've been playing for little more than a year now. I started out on a 200€ crapocaster + amp and got a Ibanez AK95 + a Yamaha THR10 amp for my graduation 4 months later. I had them until now when I hit 1 year and I bought myself a Fender 50s Classic Player.

Well, it's time for me to get my first acoustic now. I feel the Ibanez is OK/not bad as an acoustic instrument but it doesn't need explaining why a spruce top & maple back+sides (I don't think there's a chance in hell that anything on it is solid) jazzbox doesn't sound very good when strumming and picking acoustically.

My question and my problem:

                  What should I get???

                  I've been considering Guild D-125CE or D-150CE, other than that I don't have that many ideas.
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                  Just went to a local store and tried 2 of their most expensive guitars. The Gibson J-200 hummingburd custom and the Martin D-28.

                  Let's just say I'm gonna save until I can afford a Martin.
                  Seagull makes some killer acoustics that seem to be right in your ballpark. Check out the S6 or the SWS Maritime guitars they make.
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                  I own a Seagull S6 original (http://www.seagullguitars.com/seagull_s6_original.html). Everyone says it's the best starter guitar you can get... that is, best quality for the lowest price. I tend to agree.

                  I would recommend that you get the S6... play the heck out of it for about a year... and then invest in a nice Martin after you've gotten more comfortable in the 'acoustic' space.

                  Btw, I just bought a 2012 Martin D-18 (http://www.martinguitar.com/guitars/guitars/model/item/202-d-18.html). The claim is that this guitar is built to last a lifetime... I tend to agree with that too.

                  -- Robert
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