So, there is my guitar cover of Amon Amarth song "Live for the kill".
I used to some extent from this tab but I played a bit in my own way. Drum, strings & bass I exported from GP to MID and played them using VSTi plug-ins (superior drummer, broomstick bass, cakewalk studio instruments).

Tuning: Standard B
Guitar: LTD EC-401 FM
CAM: Logitech C920
Interface: Line 6 POD Studio GX
Soft: POD Farm 2.5

If you want to listen more Amon Amarth, please visit the youtube channel & subscribe : )

Wow... I'm pretty amazed by your tone, this sounds very close to the original! Sick playing too, didn't miss any note or so, was pretty much perfect tbh! I'll go and subscribe to your channel and check some other covers, you seem to make some quality stuff!
If you're into thrash metal, I did some covers recently. C4C?
Wow, great guitar tone! The cover sounds really great, considering you put all the instruments together, even the electric drums and bass
Could someone explain to me what is the C4C? What does this stand for? I'm from Poland and nowhere is this not yet met xD I gave it in the name of thread because it does most of people what I see : P

@down, thx : )
I thought that's it.
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Jonek, C4C is an abbreviation meaning Comment for comment or critique for critique or something like that... Essentially, it means that if you give some constructive, helpful criticism to one person's thread, he should check out your thread as a favor in return ;-)