Hello, I am a bassist relatively new to guitar. I currently own an Agile LP (in drop B with .65 for the B) and an Agile 727 (drop B + F#. 74 F#). I swung by GC the other day and tried out a ton of guitars.

Fender Strat necks felt really strange to me. I dunno if it's their neck dimenions (maybe they are thinner or more narrow?) or they had super light guage strings on them or what not. My LP copy is 1 11/16th at the nut if that means anything.

Anyone know what is distinctive about Strat necks vs other necks? Am I just trippin? I like the idea of getting a Strat style guitar for E-tunin'... I can't say I love the necks though, almost a dealbreaker to me.
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They are a different profile and radius, they should feel different. You could call that different feeling weird if you're not used to it, but it's really just different.
Les Pauls are generally shorter scale (24 3/4 inches), meaning the fretboard is shorter/frets are closer together, they are usually a little fatter and chubbier too. A Fender neck is longer (25.5 inches) meaning the frets will be further apart, they are often thinner too.

With that said in terms of neck feel there a load of different neck profiles on Fender guitars, my 1999 strat has a fairly thick neck where as my other strats (especially my old squier) have thinner necks with a narrow nut string spread (around 40mm) that to me are more comfortable.

In terms of scale length all the Fender guitars (atleast the Strats and Teles) will be the same (25.5), in terms of neck profile most of them will be different depending on the specific model and the year that it comes from.
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they are different and not for everyone. personally i swear by fender strats and one of the main reasons i love them is the neck.

they take some getting used to but after you get used to them their the most comfortable and functional guitars ever built(my opinion)
Yes, different guitars have different necks. If a strat doesn't feel good to you, my advice is to get something that does instead. You can get used to the strat, but then the guitar you had before it will feel awkward once you're used to the strat.
Also I don't like the idea of getting used to a new kind of neck. I think you should buy one that fits you in the first place, because then you can practice full on right from the start instead of starting over from the beginning to get used to the new neck profile.
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If you want a strat that doesn't feel like a strat, I hear the ESP LTD ST series are a good option. Not the highest quality guitars around, probably lesser quality than a MIM Fender, but still good for the money.

The ST neck has jumbo frets and the familiar ESP/LTD thin-U neck profile