Hii fellas..im going to buy my 1st electric guitar at the end of this May.. my budget is 400$ ...i play metal and blues .I am thinking about some RG models of Ibanez ...such as Ibanez 250p and etc ..........as it comes with Floyd Rose Trem ...please help me guys
Im confused about Floyd rose system of Ibanez rg series ....nd please suggest me a good guitar with whammy bar ......
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A floyd rose might not be the best choice for your first guitar. They're not complicated at all, they're just tedious to learn to set up properly. For the first go, and a first guitar to learn to take care of, I'd suggest something with a hard tail bridge.

What amp are you going to be using and who are some of your favorite bands?
If you want Ibanez rg shape, get some of the Ibanez GRG guitars. They are basically cheaper RGs. I have GRG270B and I love it. It has very comfortable neck, it has floyd rose, it holds tune well and looks very sexy. But maybe you shouldn't have a floyd rose on your first guitar. You should learn how to play good without it and then get a guitar with floyd, if you still think you need one. And besides that, floyd can be a big pain in the ass even if you know how to work with it, and if you don't you are screwed. So I would suggest a guitar without floyd. You should take a look at Ibanez GRG121EX. It's not expensive and it should be very good for a first electric.
Unless you plan on using your whammy bar a floyd is worthless thats just how i see it. I own a Ibanez RG120 <-- 200$ or so guitar i also own a Ibanez RG 5ex1 with the floyd. If anything the floyd is just annoying to deal with...

I wont even go into details on how much of a pain a floyd can be when you want to drop tune it.... Rock a hard tail you can't go wrong Hell infact i added another spring to my RG120 since i don't use a whammy ...
If it's your first guitar, I would recommend avoiding one with a floyd rose, unless you can be very patient at learning how to deal with setting one up (or paying more to have it done by someone than a non-floyd guitar). I love floyds myself, but I still think they can be a PITA to deal with, so I tend to mostly stick to guitars without them, and just have separate guitars with them for when I want to use one. You will also learn to love a hard tail when you start recording stuff too.

That being said, the RG series is a very popular for offering serious bang for the buck for someone after that style of guitar (superstrat body w/floyd - mainly favored among the metal crowd), and would be a good choice if you want a guitar with a floyd. Another option would be a used Jackson DK2 or DK2M.

Another possible good choice might be a used MIM Fender fat strat. You can use the humbucker in the bridge for playing metal, and the 2 single coils for bluesy strat tones too. Plenty of versatility there!
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theres an rg with a hard tail ive seen it for not too much if youre set on getting an rg
but i agree with those that having a floyd(edge bridge is the ibanezes mmodels) is a pita especially when youre starting out

i also suggest a used fat strat(in fact getting used for th emost part iwll give you the most bang/buck
grab a esp ltd guitar they're the best bang for your buck. but i admit i'm pretty biased toward esp ever since i made the switch from playing ibanez guitars for 10 years.

i even love my cheap ltd m-10 after putting my spare emgs, locking tuners, gotoh bridge, and a graph tech nut. paid around 300 all together. well worth it. you can't find a guitar like that at that price.
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My current and first electric is the Ibanez ART-300. Its cheap (£280), looks great, plays easy, plays all sorts of styles. Worst thing about it is how heavy it is.
i've Marshall 10W, MG-10 CF Amp ....i like Metallica,Slash ,Ozzy's old group with RR & zakk...., LZ....thnks guys. this will help me .

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x100 on not getting a floyd guitar if you are a beginner. You have a long way to go before you get a chance to really use one and until then its unnecessary hassle that gets in a way if/when you want to experiment with downtuning and thicker strings. Also quality can be a problem. I dont know what kind of floyds ibanez uses but cheaper ltd's are notorious for having "tinfloyds" that wear fast and stop staying in tune.

That said ibanez rg serie is a good choice. Also take a look how much Jackson soloist x serie costs in your area.

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Another +1 for a fat strat
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Okay as you are about to purchase your first electric guitar I'd recommend you to go for guitar that features a bridge with synchronized trem system. You wouldn't be able to do crazy divebombs with that but certainly you'd be allowed to perform some fair whammy bar vibrato with it. Learn to take care of your first electric guitar then you might want to switch for a high end guitar later. And obviously cheap guitars that feature Floydrose trem system wouldn't stay in tune very good if you intend to incorporate whammy bar actions quite often in your playing. I've use LTD m-53 as my first electric guitar features Vintage Trem Bridge, which has a thin, comfortable fast neck. Its pickups have good output and most importantly the guitar stays in tune very good (indeed I check the tuning and make adjustments if necessary before I start playing) and it is cheap too. Yet if you are persistent to go for a Floydrose trem featured guitar I'd recommend to get a used Jackson dk2 or dk2m, Ibanez JS100, LTD KH202. Last but not least, before purchasing the electric guitar make sure that the neck feels comfortable in your hand.
Don't get an RG with a floyd rose for your first guitar, it's a headache waiting to happen, don't do it, don't do it, don't do it!

Someone else suggested a Fat Strat, I suggest that too. It's your first guitar you want to spend your time playing it, not tuning it. You won't be able to do dive bombs and crazy whammy bar stuff with a basic strat, but you will be able to play it as a normal guitar without headaches, that is what you need as a beginner.
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Consider these:





Of those, I think the Velocity is the best buy overall, and will be more suited for your style than the Freeways.

The Redline lacks a tremolo of any kind, but is well made. They're designed with harder rock in mind.

The Freeways would be very good guitars, and are most similar, tonally, to a Strat.
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I second the idea of getting an Ibanez ART. I own an Ibanez ART100DX, it is a pretty solid guitar and tuning and string changing is easy due to the stoptail bridge. If you're willing to use a high action guitar, i'd say go for this, it's well worth the £250.
It looks beautiful too!

P.S. it was my first electric, had it about 6 months so far. Looking into getting an Ibanez RG350DXZ now, partially because I want a low action guitar
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Hmm, the Ibanez ART300 seems to have pretty low action. Compared to my first acoustic though which might not be saying much.