Hello people.
I have just changed the way I hold the pick after 2 years of playing, I used to hold it with my thumb, index and middle finger, I have (in the past 3 days) just changed to the 'pro' method with my thumb and resting on the side of the index, the fluency increase on my alternate picking is already self evident, however my accuracy is way off, and my strumming, particularly my upstrokes sound like I have been playing for 5 minutes.
Does anybody have any advice on how to adjust to this new method efficiently? Im not afraid of putting in large amounts of practice, and I am after advice on how to efficiently spend my practice time I suppose.
Any routines on how to increase my accuracy and my strumming?
Thank you guys (immensely)
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Small movements...go as slow as possible, then build speed when you're confident to increase tempo.
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Better strums come more from your elbow than your fingers, I think. It's just going to take some practice, as with everything. Eventually you'll work yourself into it. For now, though, it seems like most of the work is coming from your fingers, maybe wrist. Try working more of your arm in to even the workload out.
Hello there! I'm not a professional guitarist and I am not very good at playing guitar. But I do enjoy playing this wonderful instrument and I've chosen to play guitar as a hobby. However as for lead playing I'd suggest to hold the pick fairly close to the tip/pointy side of the pick. Try to use the pick that feels comfortable to you the most. I like to use the type of pick that has more rounded edge and they glide quite easily through the strings that makes picking more convenient. And also try to hold pick fairly at 45 degree angle. Don't hold it flat/parallel to the strings which would easily get stuck to the strings often while playing. For lead playing picking should be yield from the small movement of wrists not the whole arm. You should try to have a firm grip on the pick but while playing your picking hand must not get tensed up. While strumming you can let your whole arm to move, but as for playing lead you must rest your arm and move only your wrist. I hope that will help you.
Get yourself a metronome if you wanna increase your accuracy. There's no right or wrong way to hold your pick. Eddie Van Halen uses his thumb and middle fingers. James Hetfield uses his thumb, index and middle fingers if I'm not mistaken. I guess just do whatever feels comfortable to you!
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I actually was in the same position as you a few years ago, having to change to the 'standard' position. Really, it's a matter of forcing yourself to change. You may want to try different picks, for me this was a time where I experimented so much, when changing positions I changed from regular 1mm picks to 3mm picks, and I found them so uncomfortable when playing with my three fingers on the pick, so a bit of experimenting might help. However, a lot of it will be practice, the age old answer, slow it down and speed it back up. If it's your upstrokes, maybe make strum patterns that heavily feature upstrokes and try them out. It is so rewarding, switching to standard position, it is very comfy when you're used to it.
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^ there's plenty of advantages and disadvantages of how you hold the pick and you can make some things a lot harder by holding it certain ways.

Thats why I have switched, the smoothness with alternate picking is so much nicer with the standard grip, speed seems to come from minimal effort, its just that my accuracy is pretty piss poor at the moment!
Im just taking it slowly and trying to get used to this method.
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