On july 19th 2010 I read 'watch you bleed' and it convinced me to htch hike to L.A to start the triple revolutions:
-mens rights
-hard rock

this you already know.

i ended up on death doors after years of the "suicide diet', where i was vomiting blood and reached levels food, drug and alcohol abuse that completely destroyed who i used to be.

i developed severe physical and mental illness, and my dream appeared to be shattered.

this to you already know.

heres something new:
last night i went walking down the sunset strip, listening to the bands and taking in the scene when it hit me
"i could kick this ****ing cities ass!"

i realized my plan to rise up to superfame in the hard revolution ISNT dead, and that i WAS right all along.

my bipolar spiked really high, and all of a sudden i saw the plan, i realized i could still have everything ie ever wanted.

i did many stupid things for all the wrong reasons because i was trying to follow something that wasnt real.

i understand that now. i understand that all i need is myself.

but i have to start NOW

so, next monday, i am going on a 2 week water fast to reset my mind and health, then im going on a pure paleo CR diet.

i am going to start the next GNR and rise up to superfame in the hard rock revolution. i will use this fame/wealth to promote the mens rights moement and transhumanist revolution, researching advanced medical technologies to reverse aging and radically extend the human life span.

ive decided to keep a record of this transition, and ive included links below. i will discuss mens rights, transhumanism, music, feminism, hard rock, life extension, slash, and myself.

thanks you!

http ://adamveritas7.blogspot .com
http ://www.reddit. com/r/avMRA
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I'm pretty sure a 2 week water fast will adversely affect your health if not outright kill you.

In other words, go for it.
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Please stop this. Without taking into account the stupidity, the grammar alone is making my head hurt.
When are the men in the white coats coming to take you away to happyland, TS?
I'm gonna suffer for the rest of my life

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