hey everyone i just wanted to show the song i wrote to the hard-core forum for some input this is the first song i wrote for the metalcore/hardcore ep i want to make and hopefully record in a studio soon the only problem is its hard to find band members when you live in a small town.. i wanna play on stage and im pushing myself every day so tell me what you think of this song i wrote okay thanks

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If you want recorded track opinions you'll be better off in the Recordings>Originals Subforum.
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okay my song is posted now i still need bass parts and drum parts written i just need members so tell me what you think and i want hardcore opinions not songwriting in general opinions
Well if you want a Hardcore fans opinion.

Then this isn't hardcore.

You seem to be operating on the misunderstanding that the Watered Down Melodic Death metal that passes for Nu-Metalcore actually has semblance of hardcore in it. Which it doesn't.

Before writing hardcore you should probably come to terms with the idea that BMTH, BFMV or any band of that ilk aren't hardcore. At all... not even a little bit.

I'm not trying to flame you or anything, but you're way off the mark in terms of what you think you know about hardcore. It's simple enough to learn and I understand that mainstream musical culture completely misunderstands hardcore as a genre. It's easily done if you've not done any more research than watching Kerrang or reading Metal Hammer or something.

The closest you get to that is the Zero Wave of Metalcore. The bands that wrote Metalcore before bands like KsE came a long and misunderstood the whole concept by just ripping off At The Gates and Shai Hulud. You can find information on those bands here:

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yea but wht does everyone think likenwhats your honest oppinion, and i whats a good place to put a clean intro and in drop c to like make it sound good i want to have a clean intro but dont know where to start
Okay well since I'm feeling nice, I'll give you some pointers for writing this kinda music. Even though this really DOES belong in the Recording forum and not the Hardcore forum for reasons I already stated.

So here are some pointers and things you need (note: I found you did pretty much none of these in your song):

1 - Structure:

Depending on how successful you feel your song writing has been going so far you may want to consider a more simple structure. Take a look at most BFMV or KsE songs for example, they are often very simple in terms of structure, they're basically using pop structures with a few variations chucked in towards then end. You can try something like:

Intro - Verse - Bridge - Chorus - Verse - Bridge - Chorus - Other Bit** - Chorus x 2 - Outro

Making sure that they all work well with each other and transitions make sense.

**Other bit could be a completely new section, a breakdown, a slow part, a mix of the or anything really.

Once you feel like you've got the basic structure down you could mix it up a little bit. Adding in bits here and there, making Verse 1 and Verse 2 different is a good way of doing this; gotta remember to make sure they still sound like part of the same song though.

2 - Breakdowns 101:

A breakdown or slow section is only as effective as it's build up. You need to make that slow sludgy release worth while. What's the point of going from a standard riff to a breakdown randomly. It has no punch. If you look at the most interesting breakdowns in the genre, you'll see there is a build up, something to sign post the breakdown before it arrives, else it's just pointless and doesn't serve the song in anyway... apart from having a breakdown for the sake of having a breakdown... which is a BAD way of writing music.

Also remember a breakdown doesn't have to be just chugging the open string. It got boring in 2006. As Dead to Fall said in their song "Stupid?"

"I've got a really original idea, of how I think we should end this song!


3 - The Hook:

Something about your song has to be catchy, be it a specific interesting section, the riffs, a melody, the vocals. What ever, but something has to stick out or it's gonna be boring. Killswitch Engage aim for both for example. Think of melodies and put them in your riffs in interesting ways.

4 - Don't expect anything:

This genre of music is filled with 1000's of bands and barely any of them are popular. Most of the bands get popular are popular out of luck or because they've been around a while; since before the genre got stale and boring or they have cute members or what ever, most of them don't spend much time trying to write good music. I mean how long do you think it takes to write an Asking Alexandria song?

If you want to do this kinda thing, do it because you enjoy it (this is probably the most important thing), not because you want to be the next big thing... because honestly you probably won't by playing this kind of music.

If you're in it for the fame then you're in it for the wrong reasons and most people won't respect you for that.

I wouldn't wait for many of the other regs to come to your aid here. Most of them will just say it's not hardcore and leave it at that. If you go to recordings and take part in the C4C system you'll probably get more help.
All I want is for everyone to go to hell...
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