I'm working on a song at the moment, and I pulled the tone knob out to split my pickup while the recorder was going, and it created a fun sound that I've left into the final copy of the demo. Just wondering if anyone else has used this obviously unnecessary sound before?

If anyone feels like trying it now that I've mentioned it, don't mute the strings and have all the volume and distortion on.

Again, may be stupid but...
All part of accidental recording magic. I use the clicking sound of some of my older stompboxes as percussive elements sometimes when I'm feeling froggy.
ive left in noise from a super processed and compressed bass before. certain shit sounds cool at certain times
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I'm interested in hearing what it sounds like.

me too

butfr fun sounds
i made a distortion type pedal once back in my early days of tinkering with things

i messed up th ecircui pretty bad and whenever i turned it on it just made a high pitched suealling sounds that changed pitch when i moved the tone knob i dont know whatthe hell i did wrong but i tried to use it as an instrument of sorts...never got any use in my band
I know AC/DC claimed to have unintentionally recorded a crab clicking it's claws on one of the songs on Back in Black and left it in the track.

It's mentioned in here somewhere

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On Alice Cooper's Be My Lover, the drummer goes crazy towards the end, but then suddenly stops and you hear two clicks - he's not clicking his sticks, that's the sound of him dropping them! I thought that was funny
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