Can someone tabulate the first 10 seconds of this please?

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Do you have any advice on what I must practice/learn so that I can transcribe on my own next time?
Well as with playing, it takes some practice and often you won't get it exact the first few times you do it.

The way I do it is I try to find the lowest note and the highest note (in the chord) first, as those are the easiest to hear plus then you can get an idea of where they are on the fretboard. From there you can start figuring out what the other notes are. They're often familiar chord shapes (in this case, not the most common ones). Playing along with the song over and over until you think you got it. You'll be able to hear disharmony, at least with some training, and that's when you got the wrong notes.

When making accurate transcriptions the trick really is slowing the song down and doing it note for note. In this case where the guitar is panned to the left, you might want to listen to only the left side of the audio. There's software that can help you with this but without making a really long post I'll leave it here
There are many ways to transcribe and I'm sure everyone does it a bit differently.