Two freshmen girls in a sorority at my college passed away yesterday in a car accident. My best friend and a girl I am kind of talking to were their sisters and are really upset by it. I was hoping to do something special for them specifically. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it. I'm not religious, but both girls are Catholic (one prays before every meal) so I thought about maybe getting them something along religious lines to help them cope, I just wouldn't know where to begin. Thanks
When some girl at my high school died her friends made patches to sew onto their backpacks. You could do that. Make some patches.
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Just be there for them. Listen to them talk - and actually listen and respond, don't just nod and go "That's so sad" - offer condolences, be supportive. An actual person offering real emotional support and a real outlet after something like that will mean a lot more to them than a lot of gifts.

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I was going to be mildly douchey but actually realistic and say go to the funeral, but in the end you're all a bunch of douches.
Just don't be one of those people who offers too much sympathy

You know that scene in Breaking Bad where Gretchen calls Walter to express her condolences for his lung cancer? And you can tell he just wants the phone call to end. It's because even though she feels like she is reaching out to Walter, in reality she is only satisfying her own emotional needs. This is what a lot of people do. Don't be Gretchen.
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Quite understandably, those girls will have a void left by the devastating deaths of their friends and confidants. Fill it with your dick and your soul juice. Heal them from the inside out.
Tell them that they went to a better place and that her sadness is not what they would've wanted.

I wouldn't do something religion-related if you aren't a religious person yourself.
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Just be there for them. Don't be all up in there shit with support, that just is annoying.

Be there if they need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to talk to.

The fact that you care will mean a lot on it's own.
Just offer support man. You start buying them presents makes the whole thing about them and not the deceased. People deal with death different ways. Mostly all just want space and an ear from time to time.

But buy them rosarys and promise rings if you wanna be gay.
If they're religious, just tell them God has them or something. Like every time you stub your toe or are stuck in traffic, be like "hey, your sister totes isn't dealing with that shit anymore!".

Or just let them know that they can express themselves around you, and you want to help them. That'll probably be much less abrasive than the suggestion above.
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Ive lost one of my best friends and to be honest I didn't really want 'support' from people who weren't my other best friends, everybody else are just sort of annoying really. Sounds harsh but it's true, if you're not really close the best thing to do is offer you're condolences and let them deal with it with their best friend group.

However if you are best friends with any of them then just let them know that your're there for them if they ever need to talk. Don't be offended if they don't want to talk to you for a while, everybody deals with it differently.

Don't buy gifts, just seems a strange thing to do.
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Be there for them, but not overbearing.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
If someone who didn't believe in God told me "they're with God now" it would confuse me. I'd take it as truth, but I wouldn't believe that they believe it, and then in their mind they're just telling what they believe to be lies to comfort me. Which wouldn't be comforting and might come across as mocking. So, yeah...
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Ts is trying to use the death of a girls sister to get out of the friendzone? Wow.
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I would do nothing. Let them breathe themselves for a while, if one of my siblings died in a random accident I would not want to be with people for a while personally.
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