Howdy all!

I've been playing bass about six months now, proud of myself for managing to pick it up for at least 15 minutes a day (most often 30+). I've just booked in for a summer RGT preliminary exam and would love to ace it.

I'm going to hit in a few lessons to get rid of any nasty bad habits that have crept in, but wanted to put out the good word: what is the one thing you would change, looking back to when you were a newbie?

I'd love your thoughts, comments, hints, tips and advice.

I think I have no regrets... I've been taking lessons since I started 1 year and a half ago, and everything goes just like it should. I'd try to practice more, but i won't stop thinking like that even if i could practice four hours a day...
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For me it's probably sticking with it properly from the beginning. I bought my first bass a few years ago but didn't have too much free time and my practices eventually just stopped. I have much more time and drive now and I'm playing regularly again, but I'd be a lot further along now without the gap.
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i wish i had known how useful knowing the theory of a fretboard would be. only now, 4 years or so later, am i starting to grasp all the patterns and positions, the latter being through lessons. i also wish i'd started guitar at the same time as bass, or nearer the time that i started. whenever i pick one up i just revert to 'SIMILAR TO BASS. PLAY LIKE BASS.'