So yeah as I got some free time lately I'm looking to earn a bit on the side.

If you're interested in getting some VSTs for your tracks I could help you.

I arrange drums (Mainly metal/modern style, no broots but if you want I can do broots too) and I can send you multitrack output files or already mixed drums.

I also arrange Strings and full orchestras in case you need those.

Also synths.

I have some really good libraries and solid skills and arranging/mixing.

here's some examples:

mellow stuff


heavy stuff


orchestral stuff


not gonna be asking for too much so just do me an offer, I might even do something for free if it's fast and whatnot, or jst as a donation style.

Drop me a PM here.

PS. I hope I'm not breaking any rules here so if I am just let me know and I'll take this off right at once cheers