So I found out my sister in-laws husband, his dad was a pretty big/famous musician in Brazil years back.

Pretty astonishing to hear that, but then he has his dad's (old?) guitar, I am not sure if he sold the others and kept this one or what. Since his dad did pass away, I would assume he would have the guitars.

Anyways... What is this ?
Judging from this picture it's extremely hard to tell. If you could make a clearer picture of the soundhole that would help as there seems to be a name in there.
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right well there's bound to be about a thousand guitars that look like it, its the classic classical shape. But to me your friends' doesn't look like it says fender in the soundhole, looks like it starts with a V (to my eyes anyhow).
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Classical guitars tend to look essentially the same, so yes, if you've got a name in the soundhole that should be your best bet.
There are any number of independent luthiers and small makers that cater to the classical markets, especially since we're talking about South America. Mexico and Brazil might just be the nylon string co-capitals of the world. That is, if they've actually stopped killing cats to make into strings....

Spain should be another large producer.

In South America they make stringed instruments called, "charangos" out of armadillo shells: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charango So be careful to keep your pet armadillo, (and your cat), on a tight leash if you're going down there.

On the other hand, one of these might possibly make it back through customs, whereas a big bag of Peruvian marching powder absolutely wouldn't

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