I've got a question about the digitech Jamman. Me and my band want to start using samples for additional instruments on stage. Think of keys, backing vocals and such.

So I began a search for a sample-device wich I haven't been able to find for the way we like to use is. So basically what I am looking for is a foot-controlled device to trigger the actual sample right at the start of a song. The samples are in stereo with a clicktrack added on the right-output. So left output goes to the mixing board and the right output goes to a active monitor standing near the drummer.

The question about the Jamman is: can I trigger the samples without to record a loop?
So the only funtion what is need is a play and stop button. I can't find any video's on the web from user who use the Jamman as a smpler kinda thing.
thanks for the short answer. Do you happen to know if the response on the stompswitches is any good or is there any delay involved wich i don't want offcourse
I have the original jamman and the response is good. But I've only depended on the response time for looping and not for initiating a backing track. Sorry I can't test it because I've loaned it to a friend who's currently using it for coffee house type gigs.