Hello GG&A, long time no thread.

I decided that I’d sum up two of my latest acquisitions in one thread, not just because I can, but I don’t want to flood the forum and I get to create huge wall of text and pictures.
So, it’s a win-win situation.

First, I got Tonepros bridge (with Graphtech saddles) & tailpiece set in the 4th day of this month. I wanted to wait to get to feel the differences with it, which is one of the reasons for such a late NGD. I bought these pieces new and they ended up costing around 150 euros. I bought something else with it too, so I ended up on the better side of deal. Also, as I've mentioned earlier, I'm a loyal customer so I always get stuff at better prices than someone else might.
I think they really are different from the Gibson ones… But not too much. They both work well, both hold tuning well but these pieces make string changing a lot easier and that way faster too. If I don’t need to oil the fingerboard or put some wax on the body, I’ll be done and in tune less than 15 minutes. That includes string bending and all that stuff. The most important thing is that I wouldn’t really pay for this upgrade as much as I had to, because the difference is only in string change and the ease on changing bridge height. But then again, I don’t regret it either, cause this will definitely help me on the road if I ever get there. Of course some of the wear on the saddles was minor before, now there is pretty much zero wear on the string, so that's a plus too.

Now, some blurry and big pics

A close-up

So, after slamming digital effects a lot, I still got myself a multi-effect unit. Why? Well, I really wanted to have something at home with a better tone through headphones than my Blackstar HT-1. Trust me, that sound is quite poor. This I bought used from muusikoiden.net, which is the site for national used and not so used gear. I got this for only 120 euros including fees from delivery, which are here about 10 euros for this big of a board, it's 5 kilos.

The Boss GT-5 has many tricks up its sleeve and I’d say that it has fairly good amp “modeling” models. Like the MS1959 (I+II), which I’m not sure of what it means to be, but it sure sounds good. Naturally, I have tried to get the sound that I've got at the rehearsal place with my lovely VH100R. Proven to be impossible, but at least now I've got a better sound at home than I did without this multi-effects unit. GT-5 is rumored and supposed to have an analog distortion/overdrive circuit. I don’t care if it does or not, but the overdrive pedals sound quite great. The individual effects are fairly tweakable and there are lots of different models to choose from (like analog or digital or as a preset ‘short’, ‘medium’, ‘long&rsquo.
With little tweaks and learning how to change patches and stuff, I’ve been able to create myself many sounds to use at home. New sounds create inspiration and inspiration creates new riffs & licks, which is always great.

I think I will use this at the rehearsal place for some out of place octave stuff for crazy lead parts. The delay would be useful for some solos too, as I don’t yet have one. I’ve been meaning to buy Carbon Copy Analog Delay from MXR but this will do the trick for a while.

All in all, I’d say that this pedal is good for anyone who’d like to get a lot of effects in one box or doesn’t have the money to afford to buy them one by one. Still, I prefer my MXR individual pedals over the effects that GT-5 provides. So, analog wins in this competition for me.

Now, some pictures

In the dark (these leds are actually visible even without glasses)
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With my "Phase-Cat" -preset on, there are lots of effects
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So, maybe now it's finally time for a good camera? And I've been thinking to get a Zoom Q3 for some sound demos (finally!) and also for videoing gigs, which we might have at some point with my band.
Gear pics

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yup really need a better camera, otherwise HNGD!


Yeah, it's the built-in phone camera so...
Gear pics

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Bugera cloning Blackstar is a scandal cloaked in a tragedy making love to a nightmare.