Sorry, wasn't getting any answers in the bass forum....

I recently bought a used MIM J-Bass for $300 about a month and a half ago, and I'm looking to upgrade my amp. Seeing as the only amp I have is a '59 Bassman LTD, I figured it would do well for a little while. However, trying to keep up with my band is proving to be a problem, as once I move the volume past 3.5, the cabinet starts shaking really badly. I'd like to save that amp for my guitars if I can, but I need a decent bass amp. I've been looking at the Acoustic B300 or B600 heads with the 210NEO cabinet, but I'd like some suggestions. I play mostly rock in all its forms, and my budget is $1000.

Any help?
Understand that the Bass Forum probably isn't going to move as fast as, say, The Pit, do to a lack of popularity. You posted your thread in the Bass Forum about 4 hours ago. I've waited longer than that for a response on the Electric Guitar Forum, be patient and you'll get a response.

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