hi im looking to buy a 8+ mic input mixer with an interface to hook to a computer, that can multitrack record. for example to record a hi hat and snare drum with different inputs? does anyone know any good ones on a budget? im new to home recording but know most of the technical jargon

thanks to all who reply
You don't need a mixer these days only the interface.

What is your budget? Do you already have microphones to record things with?
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I have a Behringer 1204 USB works nicely into PT10

in testing it is easy to use just one button press and it's record enabled sending to PT

All mains and monitors from the computer come direct into the mixer which is cool
it then sends to studio monitors, Headphone & pa etc and you have good control faders over all room, headphone and PA levels.

for Input chains is are good enough for $150 is pretty good value ( but it is Behringer )

But I mainly use a M-audio delta 1010 SO not a expert or veteran on all performance issues of the mixer in relation to record, all I know it works pretty well on afew nights of testing the options and recording few songs,

I ended up setting it up so everything comes from my Delta 1010 into the mixer. ( so I can uses the outboard effects gear connected to the Delta )
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^ I used a very similar setup, and with something like that, the mixer was very handy - not just for the mic inputs.

I had a UB2442-FX PRO mixer (Behringer) with the direct outs running into a Delta 1010. That particular mixer has two aux channels, so I run outputs from those to a headphone amp, where I could set up two independent monitor mixes, without mucking with the recording levels. It was really a decent setup. We recorded our album with it.

That said, the setup I have now is much more compact, and yet much more powerful, with much better preamps. Technology has really come a long way since then, and with many modern interfaces, you can do everything I mentioned and more - all from within the interface.

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Are you meaning a mixer to route signal, or a control surface for automation purposes? little more detail on what you actually want to do would be nice too (i.e. genre)
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Alesis multimix 8 usb 2.0 in my PC will record 8 tracks at once if set up properly, according to the software, I use Mixcraft 6 and can have as many tracks as I want. use Garage band on the ipad and IOdock to do simple 8 track or less ideas.

works for me
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