Hi all,

for the upcoming summer's holiday I've got a new guitar building project planned. It's gonna be my third, and I plan to take it up a notch using better-than-budget hardware instead of $60 licensed floyds as I've done in the past.

Anyhow, the plan is to take regular piccies of the build, and I thought I could share it with you all. So I was wondering if UG would be interested in some kind of short-term blog from me, documenting the build from beginning to end as a learning process for both me and any potential readers.

So are you? Or is this the umptieth time some schmuck craved too much attention?

I'd like to hear your opinion, and ultimately UG's staff's as well.

Thanks in advance.
Just start a thread and keep it updated with pics and what your doing, that is what everyone else does
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