Is 16 too late to start a music career? Also my rig isn't very good... need help

It's a gibson sg 61 reissue with JB-SH4 seymour duncan pickups.

also my practice amp sometimes is too loud, I don't have extra spekars but I plan to upgrade anyway. It's a Marshall JVM410C.
I play Foo Fighters and Slayer and some girly bands because that's my strategy to get all the LAY-DEE's. What can get me a good sound? I also play chords with my acoustic so that should help.

I was born to rich family and want a producer to come and take me away to become a star but I think is too late for me because I'm well into puberty and have pimples. Is there anything I can do???
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3.5/10 you got a half-assed smirk out of me
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jimmybanks youre a genius

Well I'd say your a bit too old now though, so if your families rich you should be able to get lots of pussy anyways
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3.5/10 you got a half-assed smirk out of me

Same. I should eat... I'm getting lightheaded lol.
Too late, everyone knows foetuses have the best falsettos in the world.

Once you're born, you may as well not bother...
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cool pickups bro, too bad gibsons are complete shit.
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Depends how good you are at fellatio.

Also I should probs report this...

Have a good time sport. ;P