So, I wrote this as my final senior project for my music major. My inspiration for this was to create a spacey guitar symphony of sorts with different "movements" and themes. All the guitar tones are from my Axe FX II (which got interesting since firmware 10 came out in the middle of recording and totally changed all my patches, hence tone differences) and drums are Superior Drummer The Metal Foundry.

All the ambient parts were done with Omnisphere and nearly melted my CPU with the number of instruments I had going at points haha. For guitars, most of it is my custom Ernie Ball Music Man BFR JP7 7 string and I also use an Ibanez RG8 8 string for The Fall.

A couple days after I finished writing this and had my recital, the tragedies in Boston and Texas happened. I got the idea to try selling the EP on Bandcamp with the intent that all money raised from it would be donated to the American Red Cross. Whenever I make a donation from the proceeds, I would screenshot the submission as proof that I was actually making the donations and not keeping the money for myself.

A lot of work and many late nights went into this, but I'm very excited to share this with people! Hopefully you guys dig it and even donate, so any comments are appreciated! Also, if you have something you want me to check out, let me know!

Can't believe no-one has replied yet...anywho, I really enjoyed it. Interesting mix of the heavier djent type ideas with the more atmospheric concepts. Personally, the more ambient/layered parts rather inspire me to try something similar again on my currently in progress album. I will also add kudos to all the work you had to go through with all the different movements. I know how much of a pain it is to arrange all those pieces.