Just like a lot of amps, mine hisses.
The interesting thing I've found, however, is that mine only hisses when I'm not touching a metallic part of my axe; nobs, strings, tuning heads, bridge or even the plug from my lead when in contact with skin will reduce hissing to negligible amounts - break contact and it fires up again.
The only thing I can come up with is some form of earthing problem; I recently (like, three days ago) took my guitar fully apart, covered it in Gaffa tape and resembled it. I made certain that the earth wire from the electronics was in contact with the bridge.
Any ideas on how to eliminate this?
The hiss is so directly controlled by metal-to-skin contact that I can actually do Morse code with it.. :/
What is gaffe tape?

If you line the control cavity and pickup cavities with conductive copper tape and ground them it will eliminate it.
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