Hey there friends! Decided to take a break from all this serious playing and have some fun! A few mistakes (I blame the hair) in places as well as some shoddy audio in others, either way I had a blast learning and playing this song. Hope you all find it entertaining one way or another. CHEERS!

(Also all the captions are to keep them non-musician folk engaged... So you wouldn't be missing a lot if you shut them off haha)

Hahaha street level on a college campus... People heard Van Halen, looked in my window, and saw that monstrosity of a hair piece!
You know you've got the one thing that almost all musicians miss... So many people enter music thinking they need to buy the same guitar as Eddy Van Halen, or some fancy Hendrix edition amp with the world's weirdest pedal attached...but the one thing that truly makes a good musician in this world...is awesome hair! I'm a firm believer that all musicians can be classified in two basic categories; Guys with cool hair, and guys that need to get off the stage!

Okay...now in all seriousness...great cover! I enjoyed it. I don't play electric guitar so I can't offer any critique on your playing skills, but seemed good to me for what I do know. You were having fun for sure, which is what music is ultimately about.

Return critique if your interested-