I'm going to pick up a phaser or flanger in the next week or so and wanted to know if there is anything other than the phase 90 that is worth looking at. i'd like to keep the price under $130.

also, what is the difference between the standard phase 90, script phase 90, and EVH model?
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The Joyo phaser is a clone of the phase 90, in case you want to save a quid or three.
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the script is based on the '74 phase 90 and has the best voicing IMO. The EVH is similar but has a switch feature to go back and forth between script mode and the evh sig tone.
I have the script and my friend has the Joyo. For the money the joyo is excellent, but I prefer the sound of mine.
Try them out in store if you can and see which you like better.

about 140 sold on pro shop guitar. cmats are usa made hand built 1 by 1. good stuff.
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I dunno what the VFE Enterprise costs, but they are worth checking out

But you'll have to keep an eye out for a used one. They go for about $180 new I think, but I managed to nab mine for $120.
Don't be afraid to go for Joyo just 'cause they're new or stuff... I have a Voodoo Octave and it sounds amazing! It's very strong too, doesn't seem like it's gonna breake soon.
id look at the eh small stone. great pedal with a voicing switch that adds plenty of flavor. plus its under 100 bucks
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Line 6 M5. Phaser, flanger, and a bunch of other wonderful things for $130.
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I like the Maxon Pt999 myself. I picked one up used in mint condition for $60 a few months ago. The small stone is sweet but I find the Maxon to be a bit more clear and creamy.
Small Stone, but not the nano version. You should be able to find one on eBay quite easily.