So after year, I am almost dead.

I realize that the transhumanist revolution is my only chance at redemption. Technologies will exist that will radically extend the human lifespan by stopping aging and mastering cellular repair and enhancements.

But in order to do this, I must first rise to superfame in the hard rock revolution. I can then use my fame/wealth to start a pro- transhumanist social movement and research the necessary sciences like nanotechnology and gene therapy.

Also, I am starting the new mens rights movement to teach the world the truth about feminism and MRAs.

These 3 ideas make up the "triple revolutions":
1. Hard rock
2. Mens rights
3. Transhumanism

I MUST rise up.

My only hope is a 2 week water fast followed by strict paleo. So, next Monday, I will begin a 14 day water fast to reset my life

Next Monday, I begin my rise up to superfame.

I invite you to join:

http: //www.reddit. com/r/avMRA/

http: //adamveritas7.blogspot. com/

http ://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ6lvvB510L-T9n04dvSS-A