I have just one question - should I buy STERLING JP100d or IBANEZ S420?
I asked this question on one of previous thread but I haven't got answer.
Which one is better and why? I play mostly progressive thrash metal (Dream Theater, Metallica, Megadeth, etc. )
Ive only played the S420 but I really loved it, super easy to play with an incredibly fast neck.

Just didn't like the trem on it, but thats me.
It is probably going to be a six-of-one, half-dozen of the other situation. They're both good guitars and play well. The Sterling usually goes for about $150.00 to $200.00 more than the Ibanez, so you might want to compare a more upscale Ibanez to the Sterling. One has a locking tremolo and the other does not. If you are going to go insane with the tremolo arm, I'd recommend the Ibanez because it is built for that, while the Sterling is not.

Other than that, I would go to a music store and play them both. I doubt that you would be disappointed with either one.
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