I'm in need of a sampler pedal, but not just any sampler:

I need one that is USB capable, can load/store .wav or .mp3 samples, and play them back on command with someway to foot select a preset to play. The ability to record/store phrases from an instrument would be nice, but is entirely optional.

Here's some background - My band uses a lot of samples during a set, and currently we play them through a phone into the PA. This isn't ideal since it means one of the guitarists has to operate a phone while playing, so a pedal capable of playing samples through one of our amps/cabs would be great.

I know pedals like the boss rc-3 can do this, but its also loaded with 100s of other features we DON'T need, and there must be a cheaper (less than $100) way to play samples through a stack!