Hello. Before I ask this, yes, I can use a capo for this, but it doesn't sound the same as the real thing would. My question is, is there a small scale acoustic that I can to A to A? I would love to have a 6-string tenor. Any guitar that can, I would take, as long as the body shape is fairly normal to an acoustic guitar. I don't like funky shapes like the washburn rover. The yamaha JR guitars, the baby Taylor, the LX1, those are the kinds of shapes I would like, so the guitar doesn't look awkward. Of course, I'd be using .010-.047 strings, unlike my normal 12's, because even with the smaller scale, I'm tuning really high, and it would probably be safer to use light strings, and in case this means anything, Elixir Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze.
6-strings guitars with a 22"-25.5" are tenor guitars.
Tune to A ???? Search youtube for the Shape of my heart - Sting video and see the mini-guitar there. But, seriously, just use a capo because you won't find many options that would take well such a tuning.
I've played a guitalele. It's a great option for a nylon-string a 4th up. Is there one for steel-strings? Would the Yamaha JR1 be able to do it?