Been having some troubles with my Epiphone Les Paul Special II lately. It's on it's last legs and I'm saving for a new guitar, but I want to keep this as playable as possible until I can afford a new one.

My problem is that my frets, especially the lower ones, are out of tune relative to each other. I tune to dropped D, and the open string is D, but first fret is inbetween Eb and E. As I go up the neck, the problem lessens, but even at the 12th it's still slightly sharp. This is making the guitar awful to play, everything sounds horrible.

I use standard sets of 11s as strings, if that helps.

Is there anything I can do?
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That's what.

Maybe the octaves aren't good.
And maybe the neck isn't set properly.
Try checking those two things if you know how to.
use a set of 10s 11s are to big for the guitar there pulling on the neck but if you like 11s take the guitar in for a setup I see this a lot and yes the intonation is off as well