Hey every one! this is my 1st post but i'v been browsing on UG for some time now. but any ways i thought i'd share what i found this weekend and some info about it if any one is interested and or has some more info to add. what i found and drug home is a holmes greenwood mississippi. 4x12 cab loaded with oem eminence (12726) 67-8750. no model numbers on the plaque just a serial number. so i search all over.... no info what so ever. i needed to know ohms of the speakers so i sent Anthony Lucas at eminence an email today. This guy is awesome he responded back to me fast. like 20 min i was thinking this was going to be a day or so for a response and this is what he sent me.

Hi Tony,

12726 was a custom designed OEM speaker that we manufactured to one of our customer's specifications. It is an 8 ohm speaker with a 1.5" voice coil and a 34 oz ceramic magnet. We do not rate OEM designs (that is left up to the customer to test and rate their cabinet or amp), but a conservative thermal power rating based on the voice coil diameter would be about 50 watts.

Best Regards,

Anthony Lucas
Technical Support
Eminence Speaker, LLC

so i hope this helps some one that may come across this cab or same speakers.