Hi UG,

I'm looking to build an amp this Summer, pure and simple. I'm thinking of getting some kind of kit to make things easier, but there are a LOT of kits out there. I have a decent understanding of electronics and stuff, not specifically amps though.

I want to have something that can do tones such as cleans of Hendrix, RHCP, SRV, as well as the more distorted of them as well as Zeppelin, ZZ top, Deep Purple.
The "classic" tones, if you will.
I'd like 2 channels, at least 3-band EQ. Would like a fat/bright switch as well, and reverb if possible.

Any suggestions on a kit that would include parts and instructions for something like this? I plan to make the enclosure myself, so that's not necessary. Faceplate isn't strictly necessary either, but I wouldn't say no to one to make things that much easier!
I looked into them alright. They seem real good, but a little expensive.
I was looking at getting this; http://www.musikding.de/Kits/Madamp-Kits/Kit-Madamp-M15Mk1::1005.html
Does anyone have any experience with Madamp? Seems almost exactly like what I want, but the price is a bit suspect to me. Not much on them out there, but I saw a few videos and they really don't seem too bad at all!
Be sure you know what you're doing. There are some lethal voltages in a valve amp, even after it's turned off. If you're the least doubtful, don't.
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I've done piles of research on this, don't worry! I wouldn't go messing with electricity if I didn't know what I was getting into.
Madamp is great! Owner (im lost for his name) is extremely helpfull, only shipping times are quite long (i heard people who waited 2 months because the store didnt have its parts yet)