Interesting piece. I liked the guitar tone a lot, dirty, but not giving all in distortion. Still somewhat natural - That's a mistake I made on my album. I cranked the gain and never looked back. The song was great, except those first few seconds into the solo sounded a bit dry, but that's a very minor complaint. Nice work!
I listened to a couple tracks at random, the first one and the third, I'll start with the first.

I'm not sure if it is supposed to sound this way, but the guitar and drum is off tempo or something weird in the beginning. If it is meant to be that way, then I can dig it haha I just can't tell if it is intentional. Very experimental sounding, and I'm a big fan of music that takes you to places melodically and structurally, repetition has killed most of today's popular music

Now the third track... I like the opening riff, to be honest I kind of didn't at first but it grew on me quickly, I like the higher note in the first progression of the main opening riff. The overall production seems very in the background. Almost like you recorded it with an ipod or something and tried to mix it well. I think the music itself would hit better if there was some better stereo separation along with better presence of both the guitar and drums, so that you could hear every instrument being played and the bass doesn't just jumble it into a mess. Not an instrumental mess, don't get me wrong, more of mixing mess. I can't tell if you did this on this album, but try recording the same guitar part twice, and pan each one rather far to both sides of the headphones, one left and one right, and add some highs to the EQ, it adds better separation to the panning as opposed to using the same exact recording on both sides.

I have an acoustic band called Valley Haze, give us a listen?

Left a comment. Anyways, to be completely honest, I'm just some 16 year old who recorded most of this in his room, and in his mother's basement.

Okay, all of it.

I haven't much experience in mixing, so I think maybe I'll go on down to another forum once I start work on the next album to make sure I don't muck it up.
First track:
percussion is throwing me off. its out of time. if thats an artistic choice, then fair enough. id consider taking it out though because to me it is distracting.

transition to the distorted part was very abrupt and kind of startled me.

i can see you have a vision with this material, and i think you will make some very interesting music when your production chops are a bit sharper.
I listened to the first song, and i actually relistened twice as well, and the first time it was WAY to out there for me, but now after hearing it a few times, i totally understand it, and i actually dig it, the percussion is out of time, BUT thats almost the point right? All ik, is not too sound like a hipster, but this is unlike anything ive ever heard, and i dug it. Props man!