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I'm looking to either build my own or get a 2x15 cab built up and wanted some recommendations on speakers as it seems most 15" are made for bass and not guitar and so it's hard to find any good reviews on how they'd sound with my rig. Will be running my Sunn Beta Lead through it (at maximum volume for maximum results), so definitely looking for something that handles mids and low end well and are "throaty". Was thinking either Eminence Big Bens or Pro Kappa 15's but I've also heard good things about Weber Michigan 15's but I'd be worried they wouldn't high enough wattage as compared to the latter. Thoughts, or other recommendations are appreciated.
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Maybe you could try some bass cabs with 15" speakers already loaded to see how it sounds. That way you'll save yourself the hassle if it ends up not being what you're looking for.

I'll go out on a limb and guess you'll be pushing some doom through those speakers?

Oh I definitely know I want a 2x15, its just a matter of what speakers, and I dont think anyone makes anything that ship stock with any of the speakers mentioned above. And yeah this will essentially only account for 1/2 of my setup. Currently running the Sunn through an Ampeg 4x12 guitar cab and a Sovtek Mig-50 through a Marshall 4x12, ideally would like to fullstack the Mig and run the Sunn independently through the 2x15.
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eminence legends. i have one in a Randall cab, the legend sounds pretty nice. i have two 1x15" boxes built, i just need to get the speakers and do the finishing.
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much as it pains me to say it, it might be worth asking on tgp (the gear page). they've tried a lot of speakers over there. Or even just do a search and read existing threads.
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