hey guys, i just got this new baritone 6 string! What you guys think? check them out at [forbidden link] i got the white one
Looks cool man, kind of Looks like a Schecter. Those shapes aren't so much my thing, but I dig white guitars.

If this is a NGD thread, you might want to look at the requirements for those threads, as this one will probably get shut down without meeting the requirements.


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NGD = new guitar day. There's a sticky thread at the top of this forum that explains the rules of those, just for future reference.
oooh gotcha, i was thinking Nice Guitar Dude haha. but no its more of a "check out this awesome new guitar company" type thing im really impressed with the quality. I think schecters are kinda alt looking but this one is way classier than schecter in my opinion, but some of them are pretty awesome