Hey guys , one of my Indian friends has requested me to play this song for her at a event of hers , the only problem is i can't find tabs anywhere for it , and I'm having trouble figuring them out for myself. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

I basically need the tab for the beginning guitar intro , and then the tab for when the guitar kind of becomes more distorted

Thanks again guys if anyone can help

The song is called "Long drive - Khiladi 786 " and can easily be found on youtube ( seeing as i cant post a link to it)
Text export crashed.

These are the notes. Tab based on where it sounds he's playing it, but you can change fretting to what works for you.

Included the accordion riffs because why not.

The distortion guitar riff just loops for a while. You can HOPO the whole thing or pick it, however sounds best.

Hope this helps you get started

that tab was perfect , thanks again , what software did you use to acquire this by the way , its very good ?
Oh nice, glad it's helpful

Software, this is written in a tab editor if that's what you mean - this is GP6 but TuxGuitar does the same thing and is for free.

As for transcribing or figuring out music, well it's ears+guitar, play along with the song until your notes sound the same as the song, then write it down so you don't forget it