Guys this is my Santana Acoustic Guitar. I brought this guitar before 6 months.
The problem thet i've always faced with this guitar is that, it is really very hard to play compared to the other acoustics i've got my hands on. Say when i try to play C#m or say Bm, i need to apply lotsa pressure on fretboard and it gives lotsa pain to my fingers. and it buzzes a lot if i apply less pressure.

on the other hand, when i play any of my friends guitars, they are very smooth to play..
i've paid some extra bucks for this guitar than my friends paid for theirs.. this is bad man..

currently, i'm living in Pune,( India). Can any of u guys tell me if there is some reliable shop out there where i can get my guitar fixed??

I have one more question..
This guitar is not having amplifier output. Can i get this feature added now by some guitar repair shop??
waiting for the answers..
Thank U!!
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Sounds like your guitar is simply in need of an action adjustment or "set-up". You will need to find a luthier or guitar tech somewhere in your area.... Or learn to do it yourself.

As most of us on this board are US-based, we have no knowledge at all of what's available in India.... But India has a very strong stringed-instrument tradition and surely you have some technicians around.

Doing it yourself is an option but requires some skill and some special tools... There are plenty of resources available if you are interested.

As to amplification...

You have several options. Easiest is to simply mic the guitar. Works well as long as you don't want to move around.
Second, one of the inexpensive, stick-on piezo pickups.
Third, a sound-hole pickup. Ranges from cheap to fairly expensive... The nice ones have volume controls and a couple of different pickup systems.
Fourth, a luthier-installed under-saddle pickup system or a system like the K&K Pure.. Which have several piezos wired through a tailpiece output jack.
Fifth, hybrid piezo/internal microphone systems which are also professionally installed and are usually run through a mixer to adjust the output of the two pickups.
That will likely cost more than your guitar.
Thanks 4 ur reply buddy..
i don't wanna shell out much on this guitar..
so i guess piezo pickups will do wid me..
wat about the sound??
i hope drilling the body of guitar won't affect much on sound..

N d action thing u r telling.. is that the bridge of the guitar u r talkin about??
As u can see in d image, there r no adjustment screws or something of that kind is given for d same.. then how can i fix it??

The problem i m having is like when i hold a Barre chord and play the strings individually, all the strings won't get played.. mostly, the 3rd or 2nd string never gets played unless i apply some god-pressure over there..
i think bikey's got it. the strings are too high( most maufacturers ship them that way as it is easier to lower them than it is to raise them.) find a competent shop and have the "action adjusted down"( the saddle that the strings sit on down by the bridge is too high)
having the guitar "set up" initially is part of buying a new guitar..... having it adjusted to fit your needs and style.
You don't need to drill any holes for stick-on or sound-hole pickups. Under-saddle pickups require a very tiny hole be drilled in the saddle slot...It's invisible and won't affect sound.

More complicated rigs require an "end-pin jack", where the hole for the guitar's end pin or strap-holder is drilled out to accept a 1/4" phone plug that doubles as a strap holder. Virtually invisible....

Setting a guitar's action properly involves both ends, the nut and the saddle, as well as making sure the neck "relief" is set properly. If barre chords are particularly hard that's often due to the action at the nut being too high.
Read the "instrument set-up" section of Frets.com at this site:
It'll show you what's involved.