I know there's a guide here for buying a guitar, but I already knew most of that stuff.

I started playing guitar 9 years ago on my dad's old rusty-stringed acoustic. My dad bought me a new washburn a year later and I've been playing since. I feel like s*** though since my dad has had his decrepit guitar for a really long time and never once complained about it. I wouldn't be the guitarist I am now were it not for my dad. So this father's day, I want to get my dad a guitar.

Only problem is that I don't have any experience (never bought one)..

My dad is by no means a good guitarist (he never had the opportunity to learn chords or music theory), so i think the only quality that is relevant for him would be overall quality. I just want to find my dad something special that won't destroy a college student's pockets.

I would REALLY appreciate any advice or help. You have no idea how much this would mean to my dad. I'm hoping to score on a sale somewhere sometime between now and father's day but i don't even know where to shop for the best deals. (Also, are pawn shops decent places to look?)
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Without knowing your budget, I can still suggest a Yamaha or Seagull.

Pawn Shops are only good places to look if you actually know how to shop for guitars.
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if you're not experienced, pawn shops are not a good place to look - most of the guitars i see in pawn shops have problems, and some aren't obvious unless you know what to look for.

i'd suggest the seagull S6 original or S6 slim if your dad needs a narrower nut, as the S6 original has a little wider nut. this guitar has a beautiful sound, balanced tone with good bass and nice highs, a solid cedar top and it's just great. if you can't afford that, i'd suggest the yamaha FG700, which is a solid top guitar and just about the best bang for your guitar buck around. if you can't afford these, the yamaha F335 is about the best-sounding all laminate guitar i've tried - and i've tried a lot of them.

and good for you for thinking of your dad!
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If you don't really know what you're looking for I would stay away from pawn shops. I've worked in one and a big factor is that the staff have next to no expertise in anything they sell and most of the prices are a guess from whoever priced it, sometimes they check eBay for a rough price BUT only sometimes.
I'm not a big user of acoustic guitars so I've never shopped around for them or even pretended I'm an expert but speaking of electric...

1) They tend to have a lot of crap. I mean, you have to look pretty hard to find a guitar that is even half decent. Even some of the really nice ones had parts changed with cheap crappy parts. For example, I've seen a lot of guitars that had their original pickups changed for cheap tacky ones before the previous owner sold it, amongst other things most people may overlook.
2) It may or may not be over-priced. I've seen some really shoddy guitars going for around £250 whilst some really nice ones are around £100. If you don't know what you're doing it's a gamble to whether you're being ripped off or getting a deal.
3) It's probably going to be a waste of time even looking. I'm not saying they never have something worth buying, I've seen a few good guitars (based on fact, not my own taste) in these places but they are few and far between if you value your time.

I'm not saying all pawn shops are like this but I've yet to go into one that had at least one member of staff (other than myself) that knew the difference between the E string and a toaster.
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I'm shooting for ~$200 at most (unless I find a really nice deal). Is that okay?
Is there a rule of thumb for some kind of threshold when it comes to price and quality?
As long as the integrity of the guitar is intact (i.e. strings aren't untuned everytime you play, sturdy, good tonal sound), that's all I think would matter. I want this guitar to last him for a long time. and also, my dad is in his 50's, so if you have an idea what taste he might have when it comes to the aesthetics, feel free to express them.

Okay! So:
-No pawn shops.
- Fender, Seagull, Yamaha, Epiphone.
- ~$200

I'll take a look at the guitars you guys suggested. Thanks again, I'll report back with any findings.

EDIT: Actually, I'm also considering maybe getting my dad a Washburn. His old guitar was one so it seems natural to get him that brand.

Anyone know of any popular washburns?
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you can never go wrong with $200 bucks and a Yamaha fg700s. ask anyone here and the response is always the same... whatever they are currently playing first and the Yammie fg700s second.
One more for the Yamaha fg700. Stays in tune and is really well built. Its hard to find something better for $200 new.

BTW, that's a great gift idea.
If you can wait, I expect that Musician's Friend will have a percent-off sale coming up over the Memorial Day weekend. Those sales usually run from 10 to 15% off, in the price point of the Yamaha FG700. With their free shipping, that comes to at most $180.00. Unless you're unfortunate enough to live in one of the states where M'sF does business, there would be no sales tax either.
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i got a mothers day coupon today for gc. not sure if yamahas are on sale online, but i always see them on sale in store for holiday sales.
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If you or your dad ever served in the US military, you can get a discount at GC as well. Another source for discounted instruments for service persons is the Exchange Online Store. Most of what they sell seems to be entry level stuff, but if you look closely, you'll find a link for "Instrument Pro." That is a third-party partner with the Exchange that handles all kinds of musical gear, up to and including pro-level stuff.

And yes, they do sell Yamaha acoustics.
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