I'm looking for a song/band which I heard between two live sets of a show few months ago. It sounded really familiar, I haven't heard the song since though. I transcribed the parts I remember thanks to guitar pro here :

[forbidden link]

First part may be the chorus, i'm not sure if the chord progression is accurate but i'm 100% sure of the (main) riff that follows it.
I would appreciate some help !

edit : that forbidden link was a mp3, i'll post the original GP file later, sorry
unknown song.gp5
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What show?

What genre?

You really don't want help do you.

Not gonna click dat link.
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Well it was at a Eternal Tango (a relatively unknown band from Luxembourg) show. I'd say it was a punk-ey alternative rock song, I guess similar to bands like Royal Republic or The Gaslight Anthem. That's all I remember about it, besides that main riff which stood out to me.

edit : That link is a guitar pro file of the riff I remember from this song. How dare I try to share any little piece of information I have about this unknown song. That's why i'm asking on Ultimate-Guitar. There is no need to be condescending but thanks for responding anyway.
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