Hello people of Ultimate Guitar!

I've come here to ask for some advice. I'm looking for a new guitar to fit my recent taste in music and would love a few suggestions.

Putting my history short, I've been playing on and off for a few years now. I own a Squire Fat Strat, and an Epiphone 335dot. Started on old rock stuff like Pink Floyd and Led Zep, moved on to Greenday, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys etc.

But recently Ive really been in love with the music of Ben Howard, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, William Fitzsimmons, and some of Ed Sheeran's acoustic stuff. Finger picking is still pretty new to me since what i used to do before was chords with a pick. So I'm learning again in a way.

But - What I am trying to find with this, is a new guitar that specifically suits this kind of music. Mr. Genius over here is guessing he needs an acoustic. But I am hopeless as to which one.

There are two main requirements requirements;

- Maximum £400 spend
- Clean and suits the artists said above.

The rest isnt as important. Obviously Im looking for a guitar with great reputation.

If you are unsure as to what kind of music I want to play, here are a few examples;

William Fitzsimmons - I dont feel it anymore;
Youtube Video ID: watch?v=z5qcpflwF9w

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - 1904 (Acoustic)
Youtube video ID: watch?v=qQjXXOR-H7o

Ben Howard - Old Pine (Acoustic)
Youtube video ID: watch?v=KiglLBLkzeg

Ed Sheeran - Lego House (Acoustic)
Youtube video ID: watch?v=ZlGPTwNRYtU

Suggestions would be muchly appreciated! I hope to see a few replies
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brand reputation doesn't mean a thing - every brand has guitars that sound different than most of their guitars.

a lot of us fingerstylists prefer a wider nut than is typical on most guitars. are you looking for a nut that's a little wider or the typical 1 11/16" nut?

the guitars in those videos don't actually all sound like each other. the first one is bright with a taylor-esque sound, but taylors are out of your price range. the last one is the closest to a typical martin sound to my ears, but a quality martin is going to cost a lot more than £400. i'd suggest you check out a seagull original S6 with the cedar top. yes, i recommend it a lot, but in this case specifically because it has the brighter, sparkling top end but also enough bass on the bottom, and the tones you want sort of run the spectrum from one to another.
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Im really not sure! Im not very technical with guitars Any other help?