Pretty cool stuff. especially liked the harmonic scrape at :55ish. You should definitely re-record with some decent equipment and slap that on your soundcloud.

As far as constructive criticism goes? not much to say. A few of the strums sounded a little choppy, but not really much of an issue. Very good for a single take.

It isn't often that someone posts something on here that I'm actually impressed by.

You don't have to C4C, but I'm on https://soundcloud.com/insearchofadrummer if you wanted to have a look.
Sounds good man, as far as the strumming choppy-ness the guy above me pointed out, it is very subtle and might also just sound choppy from a lot of string noise. The string noises are pretty noticeable, I know it's hard with an acoustic but if you work towards decreasing that as much as possible you will have yourself some very nice smooth melodies with little extra background noise. But that being said I really like your melodic structure, and you are a pretty good player in general, very few mistakes if any from what I saw on the first watch.

I have an acoustic band called Valley Haze, check us out if you want:

Sorry for taking so long to reply, been pretty busy with exams.

But thanks for the kind words. As far as string noise goes, a lot of it is intentional, but no doubt there is a fair bit that isn't. I'll definitely have a look at your guys' music.

EDIT: mjones, had a listen to your soundcloud and I was a bit of a fan, pretty catchy!
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Your riffs are pretty nice. I think this song would do well with vocals, specially with the chord section you got after the intro. A few parts seem a bit off time with the rest of the song but that's to be expected in a single take. Part around 1:45 reminded me a bit of Modest Mouse's Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset. Pretty good stuff.

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