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No I'm not, are you referring to auto tune? I use reaper and the vst that comes sick with it, pretty much eq, compression, Friday and reverb. I just over dubbed my vocals for the choruses and stuff.

No Auto-Tune is a large sweeping effect of vocal pitch, usually quite noticeable.

Correction is something different.
Correction will use an input and make MINOR tweaks to a vocalists singing to help correct the pitch.
TC electronics makes a good pedal for guitarists.:
If you can afford it - lists at about 260.00 CAD. (can't justify the cost to myself)

They also make a Vocal Harmonizer which is what I thought you were using:

Back-up singers in a box.

I thought you were using some cool tech.
Wasn't picking a fight
Lol Nah I wasnt trying to be snippy i just want aware of those effects, I'm not averse to using auto tune our similar technology I can use all the help i can get lol! In reaper there is a vst called reatune which i suppose is there version of auto tune, but idont know how to use it. Thanks for the watch!