Hey guys,

Just re-working my rig as I'm in a new band now and I'm looking for an amp with celestion v30's as i'm looking for the bottom end.

Now I was going to go with a Harley Benton with v30's which is only £160 but I was wondering if you guys would think it's worth spending the extra cash and getting a Orange 2x12 instead which is £350 (maybe less on ebay etc)

I've also had a Blackstar Artisan 2x12 with v30's which was the same price as the Orange cab and was a very good amp.

Cheers guys!
If you have the cash why not get the better cab?
If your on a budget the HB will do you just fine. But even though they both have V30's they will not sound the same
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I think that the orange/mesa cabs are def worth the extra few $$$'s.

I was thinking of just making my own cab, but I found a good deal on a mesa 212 and got that instead. I'm really glad I did. The mesa is built so much better, and has a great low end. The mesa and orange are pretty similar, but I like the meas a litter better. Theres something about the mesa v30's, they sound a little sweeter imo.
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The oversized closed back orange 212 is the best cab I have ever played through.

It's well worth the extra cost, though get a second hand one. Save some cash and get a killer cabinet.

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I got the Orange 2x12 and my friend has a Mesa 2x12. I'm not sure what the exact model is for the Mesa, but it's a little smaller and rolls on casters. We both play Engl Powerballs through them. Side by side they both sound just as killer. The Orange does have noticeably more bottom end which I'm guessing is because of the bigger dimensions and such. The Mesa may have a tad more clarity.
Quote by Tom 1.0
The oversized closed back orange 212 is the best cab I have ever played through.

really? i guess i got lucky, cuz i just stopped looking at other 2x12 cabs after i got my ppc212.

+1 on the used thing too, my 2nd PPC212 was second hand, like bit under 200 bucks empty cuz i had the speakers sitting around. not bad, i would preferred to pay more like 150 though.

if you are in the states you can also consider avatar. their contemporary speaker cabs are the same dimensions as the orange closed back speaker cabinet line. the avatars are cusomizable with wiring, speakers, grill cloth and tolex.

personally i like the orange aesthetics but i never stay with the stock V30's so getting an avatar with the speaker i want in it already would be the main reason i would go with avatar over orange. the avatar is also considerably cheaper as well, giving more incentive to picking avatar.
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Quote by ajwhiteford
I'm looking for an amp with celestion v30's as i'm looking for the bottom end.

you're aware that v30s are pretty light on the bass, right?
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