hey, I've been working on some screaming. But I have a problem with my screams, where they sound too slow.

I've managed to get screams sounding fast for a few seconds, but i can't keep it consistent. I have a heavy voice so I have more trouble balancing my voice in high notes, and i guess the same trouble with balancing screams.

So, what kind of approach do you use for good screams. What kind of imagery and sensations do you go through as you scream.
Depends on what technique you are using but check out my profile videos for some instruction.

Really to give real assistance we need clips. I believe you are not moving enough air and instead creating the distortion by putting pressure on your throat. Let me know if you have questions or get a clip up and I can help further.
hah the ball in the vice thing worked. and I need more forward mouth position.
I assume you mean vocal fry? The higher you go the faster it becomes.