This might be a dumb question but I don't have a clue about any movie maker or recording stuff. I play guitar, I use the least amount of effects and I have never tried to record anything.
So, I wanted to make a video for my friends playing some songs they like. As I have experimented with movie maker the sound goes in and out and sounds really bizarre. I don't know if it is just the speakers and program or if I am playing too close or far away. Anyway I was hoping to just make some free videos for fun with my computer. I don't have any other means to get the videos so........

Hope someone can help
Thanks a lot
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movie maker is OK but it's microsoft so it's only just there, you can use it and it can do the job.

I think your problem may be with the export codec settings

But I would advice getting the free version of lightworks is ALOT better, it's professional video editor with solid audio support. ( free version is excellent the full version $45 for all the extra FX's and more import export options )

it's professional so you HAVE TO watch afew of the tutorials to even load stuff up
But after 30 mins learning your be in heaven very easy ( we use it here at the 3D studio I work at over Adobe CS6 premiere that we have a dozen lic's of)


there only thing better then this costs BIG money (Avid) and you'll need hardware as well.
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^ +1 to lightworks, but unless I did something wrong when I used it you'll need some kind of encoder as well otherwise you'll end up with 3 minute videos that are 10GB
yeah sorry to say it "something was wrong", we use H.264 ( we do have the full $65 version ) you do need to encode correctly, mpeg would work in the free version i think ?,

but WMV is still the best for final it's the most compact codec for your final version and delivery. Unless DVD then burn a H.264 version is best.

WMV mainly since windows update make sure it's upto date so "in theory" WMV should never have a codec issue. ( Mac user just have to update
If your a apple user encode in QT and Windows user have to update

so you will need to export as Mpeg or even RAW avi whatever, if all plays fines on your home machine then bring into movie maker to make the final WMV

encodeing setting Video -WMV V8 video give least problems, set it to Variable quality, 98 for your VBR 5 second frame interval and 1 second buffer
Audio- again Variable quality, Version 9.2 VBR 98 Stereo

should not have any problems & good luck
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Go figure, this is why I'm a (wannabe) recording engineer not a video producer

you didn't do anything wrong Raw video Files are Larger then Compressed files Just like audio files

and unfortunately Video has more issues and options then just Bandwidth and Choosing between Mp3 and Flac..

I still get pissed trying to find the best WMV settings on new system without my presets
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