I am a rythm guitar player and my brother is a metal singer. Since his band broke up i decided to keep him in music by offering my help. He has all original lyrics. We are looking for a drummer, bass player and another guitar player who is willing to colaborate together online in creating some awsome metal. If you have guitar pro that will be awsome. Our goal is to get as much down and recorded as possible. Anyone interested in helping with this would be grealty appreciated. You can check out some of my brothers old stuff for a idea on what were looking to do you can look his old band up on youtube band name was Mourningcide. Thank you and hope to hear from some of you soon.
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I play guitar and I'm also a music producer, here's some samples of what I can do:


Awsome thanks for the reply. I would like your help with our recording and creation of metal music. I have recording gear as well as a few different software programs like pro tools and such. Any input you may have on guitar riffs would be very helpful. Can you put together drums tracks or bass tracks with software? Any help you can offer is appreciated.
nice! I'd love to help. And yes, I can put drums and bass together with software, in fact, everything you heard from soundcloud is VSTi, with the exception of the guitars, of course.

can we get in touch in skype or something? PM me about it.