I use my bridge pickup almost 90% of the time, but I noticed the other day that when I change to my neck pickup, it takes a few seconds to kick into life. It's almost as though it needs to warm up before it works. Within these 5 seconds, I'll hear a lot of static. I have had issues with the input jack becoming loose lately and believe it may be related. However, I also believe it could be my cable.

I have a Les Paul style guitar with two humbucker pickup's. Has anybody else had this issue? If so, how did you fix it? I'm thinking of taking it to a techy but I'd rather fix it myself if it's a simple issue.
might be wiring inside the guitar. i've never heard of something like that happening before
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Probably a bad switch. If it's an open unit just clean the contacts, if it's sealed then it'll want to be replaced. Either way it's not a big job, should only take about 20 mins tops.