I'm looking for someone versatile in guitar at least 3 years in their belt doing it and someone who likes heavy metal. I'm basically a drummer who can play rhythm guitar and write lyrics and I'm really into bands like Metallica, Tool, Pantera, and the Doors (as well as their influences).

I'm hoping someone here has similar interests, and is willing to write several projects together. Skill is important but dedication matters more... but its even more important that however hard we work we can chill and have a good time just as easily. Personality is important, so screw you if you don't have one.

But we will never know until we jam...

A more complete list of my influences as well as contact information is on my profile.

Let me know if you're interested.
Hey man, I'm up in Barnet. Would love to get playing again. Love the old school thrash as well as prog metal stuff like Dream Theater