Well i wasn't expecting to be getting a new guitar for a while but this caught my eye, it's a Michael Kelly Hex Deluxe and I got it for £280 NEW! An incredible price, so can't wait until it arrives!

The spec:
*Set-Through neck
*Ebony fretboard
*Mahogany body
*Figured maple top
*Rockfield Black Betty active PUPs
*Original Floyd Rose (EDIT: This looks to be a Korean OFR, not German so might change it over)

And a pic:

I only hear great things about MK guitars so I'm looking forward to seeing if this lives up to the reputation!

It should be here tomorrow so I'll make an update with new pics and info on how it plays and sounds.
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That's a really cool top


Where's Waldo?

OMFG! SSSSWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTT!!!!!!!! Beautiful seriously! I will be looking to get one! HNGD!
^ Better keep your eyes open, dude. As far as I know they're not in production any more.
I'm hoping I haven't spoken too soon with this one as it transpires that UKMail are delivering it, and they seem to be less than reliable :/
So an update!
UKMail managed to deliver, hoorah!

The guitar plays really well after a quick setup and sounds awesome. The build quality is absolutely fantastic, and that's not even taking the price into account.

The korean OFR is as I expected and not quite as good as the german ones so I might swap it out at some point in the future. I've gotten quite used to the responsiveness of the german made OFR and this feels a bit stiff in comaprison and doesn't flutter nearly so well.

The top appears to in actual fact be printed but that's no problem, i've heard that even PRS does that sometimes so it's no biggy and it still looks cool.

The fretwork is excellent, and i mean on a par with my ESP Horizon FRII, which really shows the craftsman ship that's gone into this guitar! Thanks to this I got the action super low without suffering any issues with buzz.

Overall, this guitar was probably the bargain of my life, at 280 quid BRAND NEW it's a crazy price. It feels like a guitar that costs 3 times that, but then that said, these were listed at 730 when in production and were considered to have outstanding quality for the price so that would explain it.
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