I'm looking for a relatively small but good 2 channel tube head with direct out. (or in alternative a combo with fx loop)
The thing is i'm using my own effects on the computer so i just need to plug it to my audio interface and i need a good clean and distortion sound.

What would you suggest???
My limit would be around 600€

What type of music?
Even with a head you will want a cab or you can blow the OT unless the amp specifies otherwise.
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What about one of those Line 6 DT amps? Bogner designed things. It's not often you can find a valve amp with a line out that can work without speaker volume, and even with the line out most amps are just direct line outs from the preamp, meaning you would need a speaker/cab emulator for it to sound good (of which there are plenty available freely so long as your sound interface is good enough to run live monitoring without latency.

My first decent amp was a Marshall AVT150, it has an emulated line output and can be run silent without disconnecting the speaker, and this type of thing is common with non valve amps, but I've never seen it on a proper valve amp.
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