Meh, none of that matters. Someone enjoyed and that's all I care about lol. Thanks for checking it out man.
That is freaking awesome. I'm so glad these genres finally got mixed! Your solos are freaking great yo. Did it take you a long time to make this? It sounds like there are some complicated parts. I would try to shout more with your raps. It sounds like you are holding back to me.

Here's my track, too. Check it out.
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Heh, it wasn't purposely but after the instrumental was done, the first thing I thought up for vocals and lyrics was rap-ish and I just ran with it. Glad you like them man, don't get much guitar solos and rap put together hahaha. I always write stuff really fast and easy for whatever reason, so not really. It takes maybe an hour or 2 usually depending on how long it is. Used to write, record and then upload a song a day...until I learned what mixing/mastering was hahaha. Yea, can't disagree there. Vocals are quiet and lack some clarity. I attest that to, of course my vocals, my 10$ microphone, and my lack of mixing skills hahaha. Thank you for checking it out, I appreciate it.