I play in a Soul/Funk covers band and am looking to get a new amp, preferably one that doesnt start to break up too soon as I just need to it for the clean channel.
I've been thinking of getting a 40 watt Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. Does anyone recommend it, or are there any other amps that would fit the bill better?
I should also add that I'm not bothered about an overdrive channel as I have plenty of pedals for the occasional solo, so even a one channel amp would suffice provided it is loud enough to be heard over the drummer, bass and brass! My budget is just under £700.
Many thanks in advance
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Either a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe / Blues Deluxe, or an Ampeg GVT52 would be perfect for what you want.
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I'm a much bigger fan of the Blues deluxe than the HRD simply because the extra gain on the HRD is not pleasant imo. Id also suggest looking into the Peavey classic 30 and 50.
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